How To Prevent Biometrics From Being Lousy

Nov 15, 2006 by Ilya Levin

Let's talk about fingerprint systems. They suck.

A fingerprint is a non–replaceable object that is easy to compromise. Moreover, fingerprints come in limited stock.

So, in the end, all these give me a right finger, and I will let you in systems are neither secure enough nor reliable. Here is the idea on how to improve such systems: a Masonic touch.

Instead of asking for a valid finger, a system must ask for a correct sequence of such fingers.

For example, let there be a system that expects a valid thumb finger from a user to get in. Instead, it can require a thumb finger, followed by an index finger, then again by an index finger and by a little finger.

By doing this, we enhance authentication factor. It is not just something we have anymore. Now it is something we have plus something we know. In other words, biometrics itself becomes a two–factor authentication, instead of being a factor.

As simple as is.

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