May 6, 2005

This is an obsolete project. It is not maintained any longer and is provided here for reference only.

EFSeal is a program to enforce Microsoft® Encrypting File System (EFS).

One of the issues with EFS is there are no more encrypted resources once an attacker compromise Windows user account and login to the system. EFSeal mitigates this issue. It does not affect files and folders encrypted with EFS but protect EFS directly.

As a result, simple login to the system is not enough because all EFS-encrypted files and folders will remain unavailable until EFS is manually unlocked. Each time user login to the system he must run EFSeal to unlock EFS to get access to his encrypted data.

This feature ensures that the confidential encrypted files remain confidential even if Windows user account is compromised.

EFSeal does not require any setup. Download and save it to wherever convenient for you. The good choice would be to put EFSeal to your USB flash drive and run it directly from there. This is not mandatory, so you may keep EFSeal on your hard drive as well. However, please be sure that the file efseal.exe is not encrypted with EFS; otherwise, you will not be able to use it.

If you somehow unintentionally lost access to efseal.exe file then simply get another copy from

To use EFSeal simply start efseal.exe, the program will automatically detect a proper mode and will prompt accordingly. Follow the prompt.

Please type your new protection password accurately when enabling EFS protection. Mind CAPS LOCK/Shift (password is case-sensitive), the current language and typos. You will not be able to access your EFS-encrypted files later until you provide exactly the same password.

If you want to disable and remove protection from EFS then run EFSeal with "/remove" parameter: efseal.exe /remove

EFSeal was written in Feb 2004 for private usage only and released AS IS to public in May 2005 without warranties of any kind. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. EFSeal is completely free and there is NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT provided for it.


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