Mar 2, 2005 by Ilya Levin

As the name suggests, Sapparot-2 is a pseudorandom number generator. It is a variant of Sapparot.

Here is the detailed paper about this PRNG:
"Sapparot-2. Fast Pseudo-Random Number Generator" (pdf, 115Kb)

Must admit that the "2" is misleading. In fact, Sapparot is a modification of Sapparot-2.

I have designed Sapparot-2 first and then simplified it to Sapparot. The simplified version was released to public before the original one hence the naming confusion.

Sapparot-2 meant to be more secure than Sapparot. However, its security is still not enough to be considered as a cryptographically strong pseudorandom number generator. There are two attacks to illustrate this: by Greg Rose and by Francois Grieu.

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